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First person rhythm-based shooter.
enter the raveyard.

coming soon...

Currently searching for a publisher!
Get in touch at contact@jtemo.com

Generic overhead zombie apocalypse shooter
No filler, plenty of killer.

Winner of the Penn College BYOC Game design competition 2016
Featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Two hunks of metal make it out and grow their connection.
Art by Ryan Parker.

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fixed it at Global Game Jam 2016

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It's late november.
Today is your first day on the job.

Winner of best overall game, Penn College 12 hour Game Jam 2016!

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"your character could be anything... Even a plain blue box!"
Now just follow the tutorial in this totally linear game.

Currently unavailable online! Sorry!

Treasure lootin' zombie shootin' board game fun.
Survive together, thrive alone.

Also currently unavailable online! Sorry!